Do Your Technology Solutions Have a Voice?

Make sure they speak to your buyers … AND the skeptical experts that influence their decisions.

Finding a copywriter who intimately understands your customers is hard enough.  Even more difficult is finding one with the technical proficiency to understand the details of your solution.

But what if you could find a copywriter who understands the technical details AND your market?

One who can capture the complexities in a way decision makers understand?  And “speaks the language” so the influential engineers and technical experts are also sold?

That’s the reason for Engineer Your Copy.

As a registered engineer, I combine a quarter century of engineering and information technology practice — with almost two decades of marketing/sales experience and proven direct-response copywriting expertise — to produce outstanding results.  Find out why I’m different.

Drive Demand — Generate Quality Leads — Sell More

Let’s face it – your marketing and sales content is more important than ever.  In fact, industry surveys by marketing experts Eccolo Media have shown “purchasers almost always interact with your content before they interact with you.”1

So the questions become, “Do your marketing and sales materials resonate with your customers?  Do they sell your solution to both the decision makers and the technical experts involved in the purchase?”

If the answers are “No,” you may not even get the opportunity to “meet your customer” and explain why your product or service is different.

To ensure you have that opportunity, you want to provide your customers and potential customers with marketing and sales collateral that:

  1. Increases demand for your technical solution
  2. Generates more high quality leads
  3. Sells more of your solutions

Engineer Your Copy is the partner who can help you achieve those goals.  Whether you need a sales letter, lead gen email, case study, white paper, data or sales sheet, or an entire direct mail package or website, I’m here to help you.  Click here for a full list of available services.

As providers of technical solutions, we are often overly focused on — and excited by — how our product or service solves an obvious problem.  In that exuberance, we can forget to “build” our marketing and sales efforts in the same systematic way we built our product or we provide our service.

My Engineered Marketing Process© was created to prevent that from happening and ensure your efforts yield results.  After you explore what I offer, contact me for a no-obligation consultation  on your needs.


1 Eccolo Media: A White Paper on White Papers, April 2009, www.eccolomedia.com.