+ Q: Do you do design?

A:  That depends on what you mean by design.  My expertise is copywriting and marketing.  So I focus primarily on sales copy and will happily create the copy to work within your current layout.  Or can work with your design staff to coordinate our efforts.

However, I do occasionally work on layout related issues for ads (print and online), brochures, sales sheets and other direct response marketing as well as websites and landing pages.  Particularly with the copy I’m creating from scratch.  So if you have needs in these areas, please let me know when you contact me.

That said, I am not a graphic designer.  And while I can sometimes make minor tweaks to graphics, I prefer to work with folks who have expertise in graphic design.  In these cases, I can either work with your preferred designer or firm, or can recommend one of the graphics experts who’s work I trust.

Either way, upon request and at no additional charge, I will review the design proofs before you ship them to printing to make sure all the design and copy elements are structured for maximum effect.

Just contact me using my form or give me a call at (307) 638-6037 and we can discuss your project, determine what would work best for you and what I can do to successfully contribute to your project.