+ Q: What is so unique about your qualifications?

A:  I have over a quarter century in the technology industry as an user, designer, specifier, decision maker AND writer.  Over those years, I’ve worked with a wide variety of decision makers and technical experts — both public and private.  I’ve held staff positions, management positions, and ownership positions in the industry.  So I know your market the way only someone who’s lived at every level of that market can.

In addition, I’ve made countless presentations to colleagues, project managers, and financial and technical decision makers in the industry.  So I not only understand their needs, I know how to speak to them in a way that will have them nodding their heads in agreement.

Just as important for you, I’ve built my career success on the strength of my writing.  From winning technical writing competitions in college to having technical papers published in national magazines and on websites, from authoring multimillion-dollar winning proposals to reference manuals and workbooks for training courses, I’ve successfully written more different kinds of technical content than I care to remember.

And since leaving technical management, I’ve applied my methodical mindset to the art of copywriting.  I’ve taken numerous courses in business-to-business, direct response and and online copywriting.  I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and analyzing the works of master copywriters – past and present – with a particular focus on applying these techniques to technical business markets.

To put it concisely, my combination of industry knowledge, engineering experience, technical comprehension, winning sales writing and B2B copywriting know-how provides me with a skillset that uniquely qualifies me to write copy for the technology market.