+ Q: Why should we hire you instead of another copywriter or an ad agency?

A:  Because your materials will be better.  And more effective.  That’s the result of my extensive industry experience providing me with the knowledge of what your customers are looking for from their vendors.

Quite frankly, most ad agencies and other freelance copywriters do not have a technical background.  Therefore, they often don’t understand how writing for the technical sales market differs from the consumer or non-technical B2B market.  And frequently this kills their copy.  Let me tell you why.

For most non-technical markets — including consumer and business — the emphasis tends to be on product benefits.  This can lead to “salesy” copy which attracts those non-technical customers.  I’m sure you’ve seen the “over the top” sales pitches yourself.

But this same style that attracts non-technical customers tends to repel engineers and technical staff.  They will disregard hype-filled language and flashy presentations and look for the technical information necessary to determine if the product or service will satisfy their needs.

Because of my unique combination of industry experience, technical background and copywriting expertise, I’m able to understand what your technical customers want to see and give it to them.

All while still emphasizing the business benefits that are necessary for the decision makers to sign on the dotted line.  This allows your customer’s entire team to agree on the purchase decision.