+ Q: Why the name Engineer Your Copy?

A:  Because I’m a freelance copywriter who also happens to be a registered professional engineer.  With this distinctive background, I specialize in technical, B2B copywriting where the target customers include both decision makers and influential technical experts.

But just as importantly, Engineer Your Copy reflects what I’ll do for you.  My goal, like yours, is to produce materials that positively impact your bottom line.  That means my copy has to sell your product or service – to both those decision makers and their technical experts.

And since I’m an engineer, I take an engineering approach to my copywriting.  I research and plan your piece just as I would any of my previous design projects.  Then with a solid blueprint, I create the piece with an engineer’s attention to detail.

This means clearly focusing on your customers’ needs — and clearly showing how your product or service satisfies those needs.  Most importantly, showing this connection in a way that resonates with your technically literate and sales-resistant customer.