Engineered Marketing Process

The Engineered Marketing Process© guarantees you drill down to your customers’ core concerns – what keeps them awake at night.  And it ensures your message breaks through all the background noise.

The Engineered Marketing Process is a 5-step process that:

  • Grows demand for your technical solution.
  • Generates more high quality leads.
  • Increases the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Why Most Technical Marketing Efforts Fail

Most technical marketing efforts fail to connect with buyers.  And making that connection is difficult because the buyers — and the experts that influence them — often look for different things.

As a result, most technical marketing efforts:

  • Focus on the product or service — the features and specs — in exhausting detail, or
  • Focus on nothing — ineffectively attempting to address every possible purchasing influence.

Focusing on detailed features and specs generally fails to address the most important link in the purchasing chain — the decision maker who signs off on the purchase.

Trying to capture everything typically results in materials with confusing messaging — which can cause your customers to just walk away.

In both cases, your marketing efforts fail.  But I have the solution.

How Does the Engineered Marketing Process Help?

By turning your technical marketing efforts into a consistently repeatable process that produces results.

Think of your marketing as a bridge to your customers.  Like a real bridge, your marketing bridge requires planning and design as well as a solid foundation.  Without them, both bridges fail.

As your marketing bridge, my Engineered Marketing System focuses on the planning, design and foundational aspects of your marketing efforts.

  • The planning and design phase is where I uncover the specific target audience as well as any influencers such as those who operate and maintain the technology.
  • The foundation phase is where I unearth the needs, concerns and roadblocks of the target audience and those influencers.  This solid foundation prevents your marketing bridge from collapsing.
  • With this foundation established, I create copy that thoroughly and systematically addresses each of those identified needs, concerns and roadblocks.

The result is a promotion that accomplishes your objectives and exceeds your expectations.

The 5-Step Process

As with any technical project, the Engineered Marketing Process follows a systematic sequence to produce consistently outstanding results.

  1. Understand Your Objectives

We’ll start with an interview by phone or video.  This interview generally takes 30-60 minutes, although can be shortened if you already have a creative brief.

We’ll review the objectives for your promotion including your product or service, your target audience and any key messages you want conveyed.  This ensures organizational cohesion between our work and your existing marketing — and it minimizes subsequent information requests.

  1. Research Your Product or Service AND Your Customers

After reviewing our interview notes and any background material, I’ll conduct additional research.

I’ll talk with your product development and sales teams to identify what makes your product or service unique.  If necessary, I’ll even interview members of your target audience (and their influencers).

With this combined information, I’ll uncover ways to connect your offering’s benefits with your customers’ hot-button issues — in a way that gets them nodding their heads and grabbing a PO.

  1. Write Your Draft

Typically, I’ll deliver your first draft within 10-14 days depending on the project.  Please note it may take longer for projects like white papers that demand additional research, interviews and writing.

  1. Review Your Draft

You’ll receive a draft for review and comment.  You’ll note any desired edits then return for revision.

If desired, we can even review the piece together.  Your option.

  1. Revise and Finalize Your Piece

I will make the edits as noted and resubmit.  We’ll continue this process until we’re both satisfied.

And revisions are included in the original price.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the project cost escalating beyond your budget.

It’s as simple as that.  Logical.  Easy.  Quick.  And effective.

To take advantage of the Engineered Marketing Process, please contact me today for a no-obligation quote.