Technically-Focused B2B

Copywriting and Marketing Services

As a professionally trained B2B copywriter and engineer, I channel my expertise, my passion, and my services to three things you and your company need from a copywriter:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales support
  • Online content

 Lead Generation That Works

Solid, qualified leads are vital to the long-term success of any technical sales organization — whether those sales are products or services.

And a continual flow of leads is what your marketing efforts must produce.  Because without those leads, the sales dry up and your business dies.

Professional copywriting is critical to developing consistently successful lead generation efforts.  That’s why Engineer Your Copy is your marketing partner.  I succeed when you succeed.

Contact me to discuss how my Engineered Marketing Process© allows me to create a variety of lead generation pieces that will resonate with your customers including:

  • Advertisements (print)
  • Advertisements (online)
  • Direct mail packages
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • eBooks
  • Trade articles
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Special reports/proposals

Sales Support and Customer Relations

Your sales team, including your pre and post-sales staff, require written materials that support their sales efforts.  And support your customers.

Because without support materials, the initial sale is difficult.  And it takes even more effort to retain that hard earned customer.

And keeping an existing customer as a customer is more profitable than recruiting a replacement.

You’ve invested a lot of resources to ensure your product, service and people are the best.  Don’t leave the success of your support materials to chance.

Hire a professional to Engineer Your CopyContact me for a no obligation quote the next time you need:

  • Brochures (sales)
  • Brochures (corporate)
  • Data/spec sheets
  • Trade show materials
  • Presentations
  • Email marketing
  • Trade articles
  • Case studies
  • White papers

Effective Online Content

Increasingly, your web presence is a critical component of your marketing efforts.  Whether your website serves as an information hub or serves to gather qualified leads, writing content for the web requires specialized expertise such as effective SEO as well as navigation and usability principles.

It requires knowledge of how customers find and use your website, how websites are built to meet those customer expectations, and how to grab and hold your customer’s attention.  Hint – you have even less time than with traditional hard copy marketing!

So contact me to help with your:

  • Website design/layout
  • Landing & Popup pages
  • Microsites
  • Mobile sites
  • Email marketing
  • Online ads & campaigns
  • Online sales letters
  • Online video scripting
  • SEO copywriting
  • eZine content
  • Blog content
  • Social media

Don’t currently have any copywriting projects you need help with?  I’m also available for a “no strings” discussion of your overall marketing program.   You may find an objective view can help identify potential opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your existing marketing and add to your bottom line.  Feel free to contact me today!