What Is Engineer Your Copy?

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Engineer Your Copy is not a what but rather a who.  It is Keith A. Trimels, P.E. — a freelance B2B copywriter specializing in lead generation and edu-marketing content for technology companies.

A registered engineer with a quarter century of engineering experience, Keith has designed, specified and used the products and services he now supports through his copywriting.  This means he is one of only a handful of technical B2B copywriters who have actually been a member of the target audience.

This first-hand industry experience, coupled with his varied technical and business background, means Keith can quickly help you identify key product features or company skillsets.  Then with an understanding of your customers, he will explain them as benefits in a way that resonates with those customers regardless of their technical or organizational background.

Varied Project Experience

A registered engineer, Keith has designed, specified, deployed and managed technical projects in a wide range of areas including:

  • Information technology (hardware, software and infrastructure)
  • Traffic operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Transportation design and construction
  • Commercial land development, buildings and structures

And these projects have ranged in scope from tens of thousands of dollars for local projects to multimillion-dollar national-level projects.  So you can be sure he can handle your project regardless of size.

Keith’s industry experience extends into management, marketing and training as well.  Before shifting his focus away from active engineering, he was the regional manager for a national consulting firm where he managed hardware and software development as well as marketing and business development throughout the western US.  As a result, he intimately understands your technology marketing efforts have to show tangible results.

Beyond project management, he’s been a partner in a technical training company.  His technical training experience has honed his unique ability to bridge the gap between the technical staff and their detailed solutions — and the organizational decision makers responsible for implementing those solutions.

This unique skillset is the foundation of what he uses to develop sales and marketing materials that speak to both the decision makers and the technical experts who influence their decisions.

That translates into more satisfied customers.  And bottom line results.

Outstanding Communication Expertise

Beyond his technical background, Keith is internationally-known for communication skills.  He has a 20-year record of results-producing writing.  He has authored award-winning technical papers and successful multimillion-dollar proposals.

In addition, he’s had numerous articles published in nationally-recognized publications directed at both technical and lay audiences.  And his marketing collateral has been used to sell products and services around the globe.

A passion and gift for writing led to his discovery of B2B copywriting for technology companies.  This has provided Keith with an opportunity merge his two passions – technology and writing.

And like his engineering education, Keith studied extensively to master this art.  He’s a graduate of American Writers and Artists Inc. and a charter member of the Professional Writers Alliance.  As with his ongoing engineering education, Keith regularly updates his copywriting knowledge through professional copywriting conferences, seminars and workshops.

His copywriting training has provided him the opportunity to learn from copywriting legends such as Michael Masterson, Clayton Makepeace, and Paul Hollingshead as well as B2B copywriting legend Bob Bly and recognized B2B experts Steve Slaunwhite and Gordon Graham.

With his extensive copywriting training and experience, you can be sure his writing will resonate with your customers as well as the technical experts they rely on for purchase decisions.

And it will bring you results.

Beyond the importance of the written technical copy, Keith  has spoken at innumerable professional conferences and before corporate and public decision makers at the highest levels.

This guarantees you clear communication with both your organizational team and your customers, minimizing miscommunication and maximizing results.

Find out how his skills can help you.

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