Quality Technical Sales

and Marketing Materials

As a provider of technology solutions, your sales and marketing materials must achieve a delicate balance.

They must explain your value proposition to the decision maker who is called upon to justify every expenditure makes “business sense.”

At the same time, these materials must provide sufficient detail that the technical expert knows — and understands how — your solutions will meet their requirements.

Why Your Materials Must Be “Bilingual”

This business and technical balance means your materials must use a sufficient amount of technical language to establish credibility with the skeptical technical expert.

Yet the copy must read smoothly enough that the decision maker can understand your messaging and what makes your solution different.

Achieving this balance — and doing it credibly with both decision makers and their experts — is a challenge.  One that becomes more difficult when you consider the variety of sales and marketing materials available.

Fortunately, I have the proven ability to achieve your goal across a wide variety of collateral types and delivery media.  Click here for a more comprehensive list.

Or simply click on any of the thumbnails below to download samples of what the Engineered Marketing Process© allows me to create for clients.

Whitepaper Sample

Whitepaper Example

Sales Email Sample

Sales Email Example

Email Sample

Web Content Example

Squeeze Page Sample

Squeeze Page Example

Proposal Sample

Proposal Example

Datasheet Sample

Datasheet Example

Brochure Sample

Brochure Example

Technical Solution Sample

Tech Solution Example

eBook Sample

eBook Example

Print Ad Cop Sample

Print Ad Copy Example

Web Content Sample

Web Content Example

Solution Sample

Solution Example

Web Content Sample

Web Content Example

Email Ad Sample

Email Ad Example

Trade Article Sample

Trade Article Example


Looking for an example you don’t see?

As this is by no means a complete work history, please contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.  I’ll be happy to provide you with what I can.