Why EYC?

It’s Difficult Finding a

Technically-Competent Copywriter

Finding one who also understands your market is even harder.

When you are seeking outside copywriting help, you need someone who can:

  • Comprehend your solution’s technical details with minimal time and effort
  • Extract key benefits from those technical details
  • Write persuasively using a clear, concise and logical flow
  • Sell your solution’s benefits to decision makers — and their technical experts— by convincingly conveying how those benefits will help them

Finding this combination is rare — like the proverbial needle in the haystack.

So most technical solutions companies compromise when choosing copywriting help.

And that can mean poor results from weak sales and marketing materials.

Which Marketing Materials Challenges Have You  Experienced?

Challenge #1 — In-House Technical Staff Producing Marketing Content

Many technical companies recognize that understanding their product’s technical details can be difficult.  So they look to the people most capable of understanding those details — the same ones who design, build and sell the product.

Unfortunately, these folks are often so close to the solution it’s difficult for them to capture the benefits in a clear, concise and tangible way.  Not to mention that sales staff have quotas to meet and technical experts have “real work” to do.

So the marketing development, like other “collateral duties,” gets put off until the last minute.  Then in a rush, the materials are hurriedly thrown together.

What’s more, these folks aren’t trained copywriters.  Technical experts, in particular, often describe solutions in such excruciating detail the benefits get lost.  Which leaves your marketing message clouded and your sales languishing.

Challenge #2 — Non-Technical Copywriters

Because of the first challenge, many companies experiment with outside copywriting help.  While those folks may be trained copywriters, they lack the technical background and/or the interest in your technical solutions.  And they certainly lack the understanding of your market.

This creates a host of issues such as:

  • Failure to understand the technical complexities of your solutions.
  • Inability to communicate with technical staff and engineers about your solution.
  • Difficulty in capturing and expressing the technical and business benefits of your solution in a tangible, believable way.

Challenge #3 — Overwhelmed In-House Staff

Even if your fortunate enough to have an in-house technical writing staff, challenges still occur.  Product launches, special projects, peak periods, and even staffing reductions can conspire to delay content development efforts.  Without outside help, these materials may not be ready in time.

Your One-Stop Solution

Engineer Your Copy solves all three problems.

Unlike most copywriters, I’m also a registered professional engineer.  With 25 years in the trenches planning, designing, specifying and deploying technology solutions, I can easily communicate with your technical experts and your customers.

In fact, I’ve likely been your customer (or at least in your market).  So I can quickly distill and capture important features and what their benefits will mean to your market.

But unlike most engineers, I’m highly trained in the art of persuasive writing.  I have 20 years of experience writing persuasive copy and have been professionally trained in writing business-to-business, direct response and online copy.

Just as importantly, I’m intimately familiar with the techniques specific to different project types such as case studies, white papers, trade articles, sales letters, direct mail and various forms of online and offline marketing and advertising.

Even if you have in-house writing staff, I can help you.  When you experience busy periods or have a special project, contact me.  I can jump in and get you through those peak periods.  And I’m always available to bring a fresh perspective to your existing materials.

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